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About the Game

Goblin Cruncher is an action / adventure game for all ages, where you will embody an adventurer in a medieval world inhabited by Fantastic Creatures like goblins and dragons.
In this adventure there will be a succession of events that will take you to face all kinds of dangers and threats, and you will have to use everything you have within reach to overcome them.


  • Explore a world full of danger
  • Use the different items you find in your advantage
  • Swing with the magic whip to surpass obstacles
  • Equip any weapon you find
  • Different combat styles!
  • Puzzles
  • And more!


The game is not finished and could have a few bugs on it, we are working really hard to release the game! Please download it and comment us what do you think about!


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Does that castle look familiar?  Reminds me of the castle in Goblin Cruncher.

nossa achei muito zika

Very Interesting game!!! I hope you'll add more content!



Beautiful town and scenery


(1 edit)

pretty good game, however there are many points which could be improved.

1) the introduction to the grappling system (cave with 3 grappling points) is actually kind of hard to find. after getting the ability to grapple from the archmage, i got lost as i did not know that i needed to get onto the rock before the archmage teaches me about the basics of grappling.

2)This might just be a lack of skill on my part, but i do believe that the grappling system is quite difficult as you need to be very precise with your timing and position you jump from. I took about 15~20 tries before i managed to get to the goblins on the other side of the cave with 3 grappling points.

3)the save system is not great. you only have one save, which would be fine, until you save without a weapon. this causes your future respawns to spawn you without a weapon. and another issue is that if you save while you are dead, (you have about half a second after death to go to the pause screen which would allow you to save) you will respawn both without weapons AND without health. no matter how many potions i chug down afterwards, no matter how many times i respawn, i end up getting killed in one hit, essentially making the game unplayable.

Thank you for commenting. We will work on the saves system to prevent this type of situations, and we are actually working on the grappling hook and the level deign on the level you unlock it to make it easer to find the tutorial and the overall use of the mechanic. Thanks for the support and feedback.

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Honestly, pretty fun! There were a few things that bugged me though:

If you hit any workers in the cave (even the dead one) they immediately T-Pose.

The hitboxes are no very good. I don't know if this was a design choice but either way it is not fun to have to stand right next to an enemy to hit them.

All of the weapons feel the same.

However, there were also really good things:

I kind of liked the music, it really lent itself to the adventure feel of the game while not being intrusive..

The stylised graphics are really good.

The puzzles are pretty fun!

The grappling hook is the best feature put in any game ever. With some more building on it it could be perfect.

The gameplay, other than what was stated, is really good! Moving around feels fun!

Overall, a really fun game. I will check up on it again. 

We are very happy to hear that you liked it!! We will focus on polishing the hook and also on fixing the many things you're reporting. Thanks for the support!!

Played to the end and I have some comments:

1) Great art style. The low poly look, the lighting, and that crazy sparkler spell thing were all highlights.

2)The combat, if a little unpolished, is headed in the right direction. I love me some methodical combat. Work on hitboxes and detection a bit more though, there were more than a couple times when I'd swing right through someone and the damage wouldn't register. Also, any kind of alternate attack (heavy attack button/running attack/etc) would go a long way towards keeping the combat from getting repetitive.

3) The grapple mechanics are good, but the first place you get to use them should be more forgiving. It was annoying to have to keep killing the two goblins every time I missed the swing while I was learning the timing of jumps and grapples. Filling in that area underneath with a blank floor with stairs to get out, or possibly just putting a checkpoint right before it would go a long way. As well, a different sort of indicator to let you know when you could grapple would help immensely. It needs to be more immediate (not a slow color change) because most of the time you're pressing the button in mid air and need fairly accurate timing. Also, it needs to be more noticeable. It was difficult to tell if the color changed in the lava pits (everything was red, so red wasn't really noticeable) and if you were slightly above the grapple sign then you couldn't tell at all. I'd recommend an effect like the fire on the edge of the torch (or sparkles like the spell, I loved the sparkles), but colored bright blue like the whip, just pop into existence near the grapple sign to let me know when to grapple.

4) That chest of gold in the lava was such a tease.

5)The goblin boss didn't spawn for some reason. I even replayed the level and got back to the cinematic, but still couldn't get him to spawn. I don't know if that is a bug or that part is just unfinished.

All in all that was a fun game. Good job.

Thank you so much for this very detailed feedback, we really appreciate it!!

We will have a look at the combat system and try to make it a bit diverse, not jsut right-cliking^^

Also we think that putting some particle effect on to the grappling sign could work very well, thank you for the idea!

And finally we are sorry the boss didn't spawn, other users reported the same bug and we will try to solve it as soon as possible, and the chest of gold will eventualy contain something valuable.

Thanks for your time and feedback again^^

there were some other issues i said in the video too

Thank you so much again!! We will check it out right now!


Looks promising! Keep going!

We really appreciate your support!! Thanks^^

Good game! love the movement and the story though some of the dialogue needs to be fixed. graphics is there too which made it enjoyable hope you expand the game even further

We love to hear that!! We will fix the dialogue as soon as possible, thanks for the feedback^^

Overall, not a bad start! The art style is awesome and there's already a ton of content here. However the grapple feels really off and the combat just isn't fluid enough to be so much of the gameplay focus. With some refinement it's going to be awesome, but as it it there's a lot of little frustrations that pile up quickly.

Thank you so much for the feedback!! We've just watched the video and will take in account all your suggestions^^ We will work hard to improve the experience!

Nice visuals!


Glad you like it!