Patch 0.78b Update

Hello everyone we have decided to make a few quick fixes based on your feedback while we are working on new features , which you will see soon! The next update (~0.8) will be focused on reworking  the AI, and also will include some of the features you suggested and we think that should be in the game.

This patch includes:


  • You can fully customize your keyboard controls. Tell us which should be the default configuration!

  • New pause menu (WIP). Now you can see the map and the controls in there without entering in other submenus. Tell us what you think about the direction of this design.

  • (Removed) Press M to open the map menu. (New )Now is inside the pause menu!

  • Destructibles can drop health potions now! Improved vfx destruction too!


  • Boss now spawns properly when the boss sequence ends.

  • Fixed the dialogue texts.

  • The image of the full map now matches the zone where you are.

Thank you so much for your patience and your  feedback! See you soon in the next patch! 

Att: The Goblin Cruncher team


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Jun 12, 2019

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